NewSea Thornbirds

Hello everyone! I've returned! Did you miss me? Because I missed you as well. ;) Well, you're probably wondering while I was gone for one whole fucking month. So, to satisfy your curiosity, I will tell you. Okay, so at first I had no idea where we were going.. But then my mum told me, "Marie have you ever been to the United States? Well, anyways pack up and lets go." OK. -_- I had never been before, so I thought it might be fun. So I brought Michale, and my sister and her boyfriend, and we flew out to the States. We flew to a town in Carolina. I can't remember actually..So everything was great, we were going to fly to several places around America so we could see some sights. Well, mum didn't want to. Besides aeroplane tickets are SO BLOODY EXPENSIVE. So what we did was rent an RV, and travel the United States. Oh. My. God. I thought I was going to die. Five people in an RV for a month. Well anyways, we went all throughout the country side, and went to Mt. Rushmore in Dakota. My god, it is so weird over there. Wrong roads, wrong scenery. It was just all so scary... No offense to any Americans, but I was seriously missing Mother England, and the bloody Olympics. :P There is so much to tell, but I won't because we just got back, and am about to pass out. I had enough energy to texture this one.. Just so gorgeous. Also, what about the previews?

{Just for adults.. Sorry.}



  1. I feel the need to comment on every one of your hairs today because they are looking so fantastic and this should not have 0 comments!