Newsea Erena

Wow haven't posted on here in over a year.. So I thought I would update maybe and put up a lovely hair for you all to have! Tumblr is nice and all, but there are a couple of super shitty people there that I want to avoid at all costs, and I can do that here. ♥

This hair is gorgeous, plain and simple. I hope you enjoy it! 


~ For Ages Toddler - Elder

~ Textures by me 

~ P.S. Action by GS



  1. Yaaaaay XD
    You're back on the blog, nice to see you in the good old times :3
    I like blogs more then shitlr, i don't even bother posting there anymore.
    And you've got 1+ Download.

    1. Thank you love! Yes I agree I enjoy it here so much more. There's no drama and it's just peaceful and serene. I don't even know why I'm still on there actually, lol. And thank you for downloading!