I'll Never Forget

It was early Sunday morning when I heard the news. Everyone was still asleep except for me and my brother and sister. We were watching the telly a little after 5 when we heard. We all broke down into tears. How could someone we never knew effect us so much? I think I took it the hardest. Every one said when I grew up I would look like her. I always wanted to be her. 

We then went to wake up our parents. At first, they were confused because we never usually bothered them. We told them what had happened, and it seemed as if the world fell apart. I had never seen my mother cry, and she literally couldn’t control herself. My father on the other hand turned on the telly in their room and watched the events of early that morning unfold. He then comforted us all, and made sure we were alright. We went to downtown for lunch later that day, and the world seemed to stand still. Everyone knew what had happened, and it effected them more than anyone could have thought. 

It’s one of those things that you will never forget as long as you’ll ever live. 

R.I.P. Diana - The Most Beautiful Woman to Live

1 July 1961 - 31 August 1997

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