My Winter Palace

I have re-opened my home on tumblr.. :) If you would like to join me there, feel free to do so. If not, please continue onto your next desired interaction. 

Newsea Goldleaf

You know, I swear I already shared this one.. But I apparently did not. My, what a lucky lot you are! I removed those disgusting hair clips from the first version. There's two others where I left them if you absolutely must have them. So yah.

{CAKED for Adults Only, Sorreh}


The Queen is Dead, Long Live Her Ghost

And may all my royal subjects not patronize me for leaving so abruptly. :) Hello my darlings, how have you been? I feel proper shitty about my leaving.. again. I've promised myself and some other people I'm going to get some better help with managing my problems from now on. Because the truth is, I can't leave you all. I've looked, and we're one of the Top Sims 3 Sites now, with over 750,000 views. :D It makes me so happy that you all are here to support me no matter what I do or say.

Which brings me to my next topic.. No more fucking politics. I've made my points known, and I'm sure some of you still hate me for them, but I'm going to improve myself about making my points known without offending people. And to be honest with you all, the night things went tits up on tumblr, I was hammered drunk, and I regretted everything I said. But being the immature bitch I am, I decided to leave instead of facing my problems, and for that I apologize. I'm still not going back to tumblr, however. :P

I really am quite happy to be returning, and I actually have a hair retexture here for you! Boy, in a two month period, there are one million new hair retexturers, and all of them are *Pooklet Textures with Anubis Control xD xD haha lolz* I want to puke. Oh, which reminds me, if you've seen another person that makes similar textures, don't worry, she's not jacking me off. I emailed her and we agreed she can still use her textures. All's good in da hood. lawls.

Well! Let's get this show on the road! Here is the new fucking gorgeous Cazy hair, called Bynes. (WTF)

{CAKED for All Ages}



SkySims 050

Hi! So you can have this.. For free. So why not? lol. I also made some minor mesh edits. 

{CAKED for ALL ages.}



Peggy 905

Shake out the demons everyone.. :P This is a new hair that I edited. I got rid of that hideous bow texture, so its more normal now. :)

{CAKED for Adults}



Reisa Cano

I did this on tumblr.. But thought I should share here too. :) Well this is my 200+ followers gift… I’m keeping it simple and uploading three versions, which you will find useful: Sims3Pack, .Sim format, and .Package. *For package format just add it to your Mods/Packages folder of what have you. So enjoy! I’ll be more organized next time, but it’s 2 in the morning and I’m stoned. T.T



Peggy December 2011 Gift

I will call this one simply, that braided peggy hair. I think I’m also going to randomly dedicate this to irKatty, because she’s amazing. ♥

{CAKED for Adults}


NewSea SweetSlumber

Yay new models! And new Newsea hair! :) This sort of made my already crappy day. Anyways, I love it so very much, so I will give it to you! For ALL ages, and both formats. Go me.

{CAKED for all ages}



I'll Never Forget

It was early Sunday morning when I heard the news. Everyone was still asleep except for me and my brother and sister. We were watching the telly a little after 5 when we heard. We all broke down into tears. How could someone we never knew effect us so much? I think I took it the hardest. Every one said when I grew up I would look like her. I always wanted to be her. 

We then went to wake up our parents. At first, they were confused because we never usually bothered them. We told them what had happened, and it seemed as if the world fell apart. I had never seen my mother cry, and she literally couldn’t control herself. My father on the other hand turned on the telly in their room and watched the events of early that morning unfold. He then comforted us all, and made sure we were alright. We went to downtown for lunch later that day, and the world seemed to stand still. Everyone knew what had happened, and it effected them more than anyone could have thought. 

It’s one of those things that you will never forget as long as you’ll ever live. 

R.I.P. Diana - The Most Beautiful Woman to Live

1 July 1961 - 31 August 1997


NewSea Ivory Tower

Hi! So this is Newsea’s latest hair. I absolutely LOVE this mesh. ♥ And I hope you like it! Because if you don’t I’ll have to kill you. ;)

{CAKED for Adults}




HEY! So I made a shirt.. it looks cool. (imo) It has one channel, and is fully recolourable. The original mesh is by All-About-Style, but I heavily edited it.

{Both formats avaiable}



CoolSims You and I

Hi! So I know this just came out, but I thought I should retexture it. :) Also, I did a small mesh edit, basically making it bigger and lower on the head. The usual shit.

{CAKED for Adults}





23 August, 1754 - 21 January, 1793

*Wow, 258.. Getting up there grandpa*


NewSea Swan

Hi! I liked this one. But, I thought it wasn't big enough. So.. yah.

{CAKED for Adults}

Download {Package}

Download {Sims3Pack}


SkySims 042

Hi. I feel sort of ashamed. I guess I should apologize? So, I'm sorry. And also, I wasn't gone long. See? Told you all. I will try not to talk so much, and I will be stronger. I broke because of personal reasons, more than anything. So, here you. go now.

{CAKED for all Ages}