SkySims 029

Hey guys. Okay, so I am quite literally pissing myself right now.. I totally just edited a mesh, and it doesn't look like shit. IKR??? Anyways, here it is.

When I first saw it, I really liked it. But then, when I opened it up with TSR Workshop, I realized it was so crappy I couldn't do it. But I really wanted it, so I went into Milkshape, and did something about it. And this was the end result. I am actually quite shocked that it came out so normal looking, with no issues. O.o But anyways. It looked like it was cemented to the head, so I made it bigger, and less ugly. *In my opinion.*



Sims 3 International Creative Assembly

Hey guys. So, I have started a new thing.. If you would like to participate, just read the first paragraph. Basically, it's just a renewal of the Sims 3 Community, and everyone is invited to join in. I would like for you all to spread this, in hopes that we can form an actual body, and have an actual voice, where can make some changes in this wonderful community.

See you there!


Rose 102

Hey guys! So I have always wanted this hair. I tried to convert it, but it way too many transparency problems. :\ So I just grabbed Savio's version. I wish he had made the mesh taller, but ay. Whatcha gonna do?



ButterflySims 43

Hello! Well, I saw this and loved it. But I wanted it for females. But alas, that never happened so I did it myself! I disabled it for males, because frankly, I have never seen a male with this hair in my life. 



Over the Waterfall Lips

Hey guys! I am finally settling back into things.... And I made a lipgloss. ^_^ It is my first truly shiny one, so I hope you like it. Now, I can't take full credit. I used some of the aspects of the shine from Wilhelmiina.



Peggy 885

Hey guys! I have been meaning to upload this.. I have been working on something extra special. ;)

{CAKED{ for all ages! ^_^



Peggy Special 66

Hello! :) I am kind of weary of this one... I don't think it shows off the texture that well.. But nonetheless is better than the original. :P



NewSea Shaine

Hello! So after a nice pep talk from Kosmo, I have decided to reinvigorate myself. This means old textures, old format, old me. *Hopefully*

Sorry.. I am not a screamo type girl.. I made her look normal. :P Its still Athena.

{CAKED} for all ages! ^_^



Hello. These last few weeks were kind of a restart of my retexturing career. I thought I would use this time as a waiting period so I could make my final decision on what to do. After thinking long and hard, I still have not made a decision. I am basing my decision on several things, one of which being downloads. Honestly, downloads for my retextures are rather skimpy. To those that did download them, I love you to death. But less than 20 downloads for an item? I am starting to feel that people don't appreciate my work like in the past. Not to toot my own horn, but before the "fall from grace" if you will, I had 400+ downloads on each retexture. So you can probably see the difference there. I'm not one of those people that gets petty or bitchy when I don't get what I want, I really am quite reserved. I just find it a tad disappointing. I can't blame you for that either. I can't control what happens out there in the internet. Unfortunately after a prolonged period of happiness, depression has reared its ugly head. My game isnt working, my life is in shambles (sort of) and I am losing hope. I am trying to hang on, and am doing better now, but that lingering sadness stays with me at all hours of the day and night.

So back to this... What should I do? I feel like no one likes this blog anymore, and that my presence is unnecessary here, what with the likes of Anubis, Metalmoose, or those others. I guess I am old news. I don't want to stop creating, I really don't. I just am not sure anymore. I not only create for myself, but I do it for you all. If I am unneeded here, why the hell should I stay? I cannot leave you all, I would be heartbroken. I am hoping I can get some answers soon. Love to all,

-Marie. x ♥


~No Light~ (Peggy Special 60)

Hello! :) So, funny story.. Yesterday on the DM there was that whole zoom in camera thingy? Well I went to Nottingham with Michale that day, and we were in the picture! I knew we were, I just can't bloody find us! Anyways, I did this before, but I like this version better. :D


~Shake It Out~ (Rose 21 )

Hey guys! :) This was requested by Chedderprime. I actually really like how it turned out.

Sorry for the change up, I needed a red-headed model. 



My GirlFran

Hey guys! I thought I would share some of me and Marie's time together. (This is her boyfriend btw) ;) She is letting me type this out lol. She says hi. *HAAAYYYY* She says. Anyways. We took some pictures together.

^^ This is me.  (Sort of)

^^ Lol. Ain't she lurvely?

I think we're perfect together. <3

~Only If For A Night~ (Flora09)

Hey guys! ^_^ This one is a request from Marika. I personally love this one, and have tried in the past, but now I have an excuse to put my lazy arse into overdrive and do something.



~Howl~ (NewSeaMilesAway)

I really love this one. Sorry for jumping on this one late, I know all the others have already done this. SO yah.


~Spectrum~ (SkySims 23)

Ok. So I had to perform an alpha edit on this motherfucker. It was pain in the arse to complete, but I'm glad I did, because it looks 1,000x better.

{CAKED} for Adult and Toddler!