Newsea Peppermint

Hello! Good evening (or morning, afternoon or night to anyone who’s not from my area) This hair is a few months old, but I have wanted to retexture it for a while, and so I fucking did, because I have the freedom to do that shit.

{CAKED for Adults ^_^}



Two New Hairs!

Yay, I'm bach. No, not the 17th century composer, but as in I have returned! Ah yes, I know, hold the applause. I have made some new hairs for you to delve into. Please enjoy them, or I will threaten legal action.




Skysims 0082

Hi all! So I have been hunting this motherfucker down for a while, but I finally found it, and decided to operate upon it. It was a real piece of shit before.. it was way too high on the head, and was glued to her ears sort of. :P So I fixed all that good shit, and made it look decent.


{CAKED for all Ages!}



Newsea Vera

You know, I really need to stop changing my models all damn day, but I was feeling sort of pastel-goth this evening. -__-

Anyways, this is that Newsea hair everyone liked. I did too, but it needed some work, so I sought out to fix it. And you know, what? Bloody hell, It looks much worse than before. I was too lazy to fix it, and I invested a lot of time into it, so TAKE IT. ;)

{CAKED for All Ages ^_^}



Newsea Skyscraper -R E U P L O A D E D-

Okay, so here is Skyscraper uploaded again. Apparently it was quite popular! LOL.

{CAKED for Adults! ^_^}



Cazy BtVs (I think)

Well, here it is! It's the new cazy one, I guess. It doesn't have a fucking name. (I don't think.) It comes in both .Package and .Sims3Pack ^_^

P.s. If this gets taken down, somebody is going to have a foot shoved up their arse, into their throat, where they will suffocate on their lies and disdain for human decency.

{CAKED for Adults}



An Open Letter

Dear Thomas,

Don’t you ever target me or anyone ever again, are we clear? I know what you do, I’m not stupid. I hope you realize that your precious content hosted on your website is owned by EA, not you. As stated here:

“The EULA clearly states that all files made using EA owned software ( The Sims ) is the property of EA GAMES. EA games have given open permission for fansites to publish and/or share THEIR property for other players enjoyment – unless it is for commercial gain ( as in illegally selling it @TSR ) Even the TSR workshop was created using the EA software, which means that too remains the property of EA.”

So you see, you cannot target me, or anyone else now. You have been outed. People know what you do. I hope you are satisfied. Either stop being an petty, bitter little man and be an honest human being, or TSR will be put out of business. Clear and simple. I hope you understand the consequences.



So apparently I got a suspension from my “Skyscraper” retexture, from Thomas Isaksson. T$R. Where the fuck did that come from? Newsea isn’t a part of TSR anymore? Here’s the email I got from Mediafire.

"Hi there,I am the copyright owner of the material listed below. You can visit http://www.thesimsresource.com and view the content in question there. The Sims Resource is a website where we have a staff of paid artists producing subscriber material on a regular basis - this is the content that is being uploaded without our permission on your service. Since I am one of the owners of The Sims Resource that makes me the rightful copyright owner of this material.I can in good faith claim that use of the material in the manner complained of is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agents, or the law. This information is accurate by all means necessary."

What. This shit is not going to go down well. First off, Newsea does not work for TSR anymore, PROVEN. Who the hell does this guy think he is? Second off, why target me personally? Ahha, this is not going to be pretty.