Fury Red

Alright. So some of you have been asking about FuryRed. Well as I said I found some information. I did some thorough searching of her domain site, with help from some technology of my late father’s. Within the last 3 months (It’s been 8 since she disappeared) the site has been on registrar-lock, meaning that her site cannot be edited, deleted, or otherwise changed until further notice. This is a sign of activity.

Also, she seems to be part of a business. She mentioned before she left that she was working at home,When I searched for local businesses in the area with matching criteria such as her listed address, I found that she does in fact work at home.

As nobody has had any contact with her, I cannot say for certain exactly where she is, but it seems like real life has taken over, and until she can find the time to come back, she probably won’t. I hope this has helped clear things up for people, and if I find anything else out, I will be sure to let you all know.


  1. Mrs Cakey? Is it okay that I posted this on the
    http://revivingthered.webs.com/ ? Just me and a couple other girls made it to revive the furyred community. I gave a link to your website saying you wrote it but I can take it off if you want me too :)

    <3 Frozen

    1. Oh of course its ok. :)

      And how long has this been up? lol. I'm joining.

    2. A short while, probably sense the end of july. Woohoo! I'm glad your joining!