I'll Never Forget

It was early Sunday morning when I heard the news. Everyone was still asleep except for me and my brother and sister. We were watching the telly a little after 5 when we heard. We all broke down into tears. How could someone we never knew effect us so much? I think I took it the hardest. Every one said when I grew up I would look like her. I always wanted to be her. 

We then went to wake up our parents. At first, they were confused because we never usually bothered them. We told them what had happened, and it seemed as if the world fell apart. I had never seen my mother cry, and she literally couldn’t control herself. My father on the other hand turned on the telly in their room and watched the events of early that morning unfold. He then comforted us all, and made sure we were alright. We went to downtown for lunch later that day, and the world seemed to stand still. Everyone knew what had happened, and it effected them more than anyone could have thought. 

It’s one of those things that you will never forget as long as you’ll ever live. 

R.I.P. Diana - The Most Beautiful Woman to Live

1 July 1961 - 31 August 1997


NewSea Ivory Tower

Hi! So this is Newsea’s latest hair. I absolutely LOVE this mesh. ♥ And I hope you like it! Because if you don’t I’ll have to kill you. ;)

{CAKED for Adults}




HEY! So I made a shirt.. it looks cool. (imo) It has one channel, and is fully recolourable. The original mesh is by All-About-Style, but I heavily edited it.

{Both formats avaiable}



CoolSims You and I

Hi! So I know this just came out, but I thought I should retexture it. :) Also, I did a small mesh edit, basically making it bigger and lower on the head. The usual shit.

{CAKED for Adults}





23 August, 1754 - 21 January, 1793

*Wow, 258.. Getting up there grandpa*


NewSea Swan

Hi! I liked this one. But, I thought it wasn't big enough. So.. yah.

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SkySims 042

Hi. I feel sort of ashamed. I guess I should apologize? So, I'm sorry. And also, I wasn't gone long. See? Told you all. I will try not to talk so much, and I will be stronger. I broke because of personal reasons, more than anything. So, here you. go now.

{CAKED for all Ages}



I'm Falling

I almost killed myself tonight. I can't do this anymore. Nobody likes my shit, and nobody likes me. I have to leave again. I can't be gone long. But I will most certainly be leaving. I can't take this shit anymore. So then goodbye.

xx Marie.


Fury Red

Alright. So some of you have been asking about FuryRed. Well as I said I found some information. I did some thorough searching of her domain site, with help from some technology of my late father’s. Within the last 3 months (It’s been 8 since she disappeared) the site has been on registrar-lock, meaning that her site cannot be edited, deleted, or otherwise changed until further notice. This is a sign of activity.

Also, she seems to be part of a business. She mentioned before she left that she was working at home,When I searched for local businesses in the area with matching criteria such as her listed address, I found that she does in fact work at home.

As nobody has had any contact with her, I cannot say for certain exactly where she is, but it seems like real life has taken over, and until she can find the time to come back, she probably won’t. I hope this has helped clear things up for people, and if I find anything else out, I will be sure to let you all know.


NewSea Sparklers

Ermahgerd. I sort of already hate this hair. I never knew a pixelated hair could make my actual hair fall out. 0_0 I tried so hard to make it look good, and still looks like shit. :P Just so you know, there are some issues on the top of the head, and also some transparency issues on the slimmed down/shortened hair. It was the best I could do, lol. Oh also new models. You know, my ADD is so bad, I get bored of my models SO easily.. So I really change them every couple of weeks. 

_____________________________Version A_____________________________





_____________________________Version B_____________________________

{CAKED for Adults}
Alright, so this is the way it shall work. Version A is a .package file, and Version B is a .sims3pack file. I've found that you can have both in your game as long as it's a different format. So, in theory, you can have both in your game. :) Yay.



SkySims 037

Hello! Another mesh edit lol.

{CAKED for Adults}


We've Got Some Bad News Sir.

Hell-o. My game started crashing again... I just download Lucky Palms so I could play something different. But the TS3CLA said I have a Custom Content issue.. BOLLOCKS. :P I know it's conflicting mods because I used the dashboard. Any ideas? Here's all my mods... and a surprise. XD

.... No shame. 


Peggy Donate Special 037

Hello! This mesh is SO gorgeous, but looked weird. So then I edited the mesh some, and think it looks better. :) Oh, it also has proper bone assignments. ;) AMAZING, yes I know. jk. But anyways much better.

{CAKED for Adults}



NewSea Hell On Heels

Alright, so I was not that much of a fan, but I did it anyways, and it actually turned out quite cute!

{Only for Adults}


NewSea Thornbirds

Hello everyone! I've returned! Did you miss me? Because I missed you as well. ;) Well, you're probably wondering while I was gone for one whole fucking month. So, to satisfy your curiosity, I will tell you. Okay, so at first I had no idea where we were going.. But then my mum told me, "Marie have you ever been to the United States? Well, anyways pack up and lets go." OK. -_- I had never been before, so I thought it might be fun. So I brought Michale, and my sister and her boyfriend, and we flew out to the States. We flew to a town in Carolina. I can't remember actually..So everything was great, we were going to fly to several places around America so we could see some sights. Well, mum didn't want to. Besides aeroplane tickets are SO BLOODY EXPENSIVE. So what we did was rent an RV, and travel the United States. Oh. My. God. I thought I was going to die. Five people in an RV for a month. Well anyways, we went all throughout the country side, and went to Mt. Rushmore in Dakota. My god, it is so weird over there. Wrong roads, wrong scenery. It was just all so scary... No offense to any Americans, but I was seriously missing Mother England, and the bloody Olympics. :P There is so much to tell, but I won't because we just got back, and am about to pass out. I had enough energy to texture this one.. Just so gorgeous. Also, what about the previews?

{Just for adults.. Sorry.}