NewSea Musical

Okay, so this is my newest hair, with some new textures that hopefully you guys will approve. It took me fucking ages to figure out how to make the long part look shiny. :P Sorry for the clipping on the shoulders, I think it's just the poses. It doesn't do this usually. I was planning on fixing the bone assignments, as I have finally learned how to make them. Unfortunately I have yet to download Milkshape, so maybe some other time eh?

{CAKED} for all ages! ^_^



  1. Be careful, Milkshape has a pretty nasty DRM, but the textures look great. Fantastic job, Marie!

  2. If you using TSR Workshop, the new version is now compatible with other 3D programs like Blender, I know nothing about meshing but thought I'd point it out. The hair looks great please post the hair featured in how dare you.