~Lies~ (Peggy 194)

Hi. So I've decided to start all over again. I have decided to start naming my hair retextures after the names of songs. *Not like Metalmoose* I am doing this because I honestly cannot remember all the dumb numbers and names that hair creators name their hairs. :P I am also using new models. I hope you like them! I am definitely going to be using them for awhile. :) 

This is Elise Bowie. She is a hipster.

This is Maryann Borovikov. She is Russian.

This is Amber Arnold. She loves the beach. 

This is Athena Alston. She scares the shit out of me. 



  1. I love your models. Are they available for download? I love Unique looking sims.

  2. I also love Athena Alston can I please have her, please, please I must have her Thank you :-D

  3. where did you get Maryann Borovikov shirt?