Newsea Goldleaf

You know, I swear I already shared this one.. But I apparently did not. My, what a lucky lot you are! I removed those disgusting hair clips from the first version. There's two others where I left them if you absolutely must have them. So yah.

{CAKED for Adults Only, Sorreh}



  1. Hi dear ^^

    I thought you left creating so i got all sad and thought i was the last 18th century enthusiast left in my simming community, but you here :D

    Hope you remember me XD

    Just wanted to show you some of my latest work i started on Catherine's palace click for picture http://www.modyourpanties.com/hosting/41758_121207195703-Russian%20Palace.jpg

    And here is a picture of my upcoming wall paneling paintings and chandelier http://www.modyourpanties.com/hosting/41759_121207195819-New%20Stuff.jpg

    <3 happy to see my Marie Antoinette is still here :D i need someone to admire my creations don't i?

    Sincerely his royal highness Louis XV of France ;)

    1. Hi Louis, I hope you are as well. :)
      And I do believe that is the prettiest palace I've ever seen for the game! I'll be more than happy to download it when it becomes available. I think it is the prettiest palace in Russia.

      And I also love the paintings and panels. I use your previous ones ALL the time, and they are all lovely. And I'm glad you are here as well, I'm still waiting for the day we can get another 18th Century enthusiast back around this place.

  2. Lovely retexture Marie! Again I am so glad to see you are back!!

  3. Yay! I've missed your retextures so much. This one looks fun to wear!