Reisa Cano

I did this on tumblr.. But thought I should share here too. :) Well this is my 200+ followers gift… I’m keeping it simple and uploading three versions, which you will find useful: Sims3Pack, .Sim format, and .Package. *For package format just add it to your Mods/Packages folder of what have you. So enjoy! I’ll be more organized next time, but it’s 2 in the morning and I’m stoned. T.T



  1. I have a similar Sim looking like Her. ^^
    I love Sims with big Noses and small Eyes.

    Thanks for sharing her, she's very seductive. :)
    How I would say in German: Megageil xD

    (would You please give Credits? ;>)

    1. I love them too. :) Some people say my sims look the same, and they do. I always makes them with big noses.. lol. :)

      und Danke weiße Krähe. :)

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  3. Hi! I really like your hair(s?). I just found your blog, but I like what I see (;
    I was wondering if you know where you got the black shirt in this post from? It is really pretty!