An Open Letter

Dear Thomas,

Don’t you ever target me or anyone ever again, are we clear? I know what you do, I’m not stupid. I hope you realize that your precious content hosted on your website is owned by EA, not you. As stated here:

“The EULA clearly states that all files made using EA owned software ( The Sims ) is the property of EA GAMES. EA games have given open permission for fansites to publish and/or share THEIR property for other players enjoyment – unless it is for commercial gain ( as in illegally selling it @TSR ) Even the TSR workshop was created using the EA software, which means that too remains the property of EA.”

So you see, you cannot target me, or anyone else now. You have been outed. People know what you do. I hope you are satisfied. Either stop being an petty, bitter little man and be an honest human being, or TSR will be put out of business. Clear and simple. I hope you understand the consequences.

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